Research Organizations/Resources

The Memory Hole is a clearinghouse of information devoted to preserving and making accessible information that is in danger of being lost or is hard to find. It includes government and court documents, corporate memos and reports, police reports, and more.

The National Security Archive is an independent research institute and library at the George Washington University that collects and publishes declassified documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.

Cooperative Research is an organization that conducts in-depth research on topics of national and international importance through an open-content collaborative process.

The Center for Public Integrity is a non-partisan non-advocacy organization that conducts high quality investigative journalism with the mission of making institutions of power transparent and accountable.

Wikipedia is the one of the largest informational resources based on open content software.

Global Research is an independent research and media organization that produces in depth reports and investigations on topics of domestic and international importance and provides international media coverage.

Radical Reference is a collective of volunteer librarians devoted to providing activists, community organizations, and journalists with research assistance and access to information.

NameBase is a project of Public Information Research, Inc. that provides information on individuals, organizations, and corporations involved in scandals, organized crime, covert actions, and the intelligence community.

Media Organizations

Active Ingredients is a media resource that includes audio files of political lectures and panel discussions and links to informational resources.

COA News is an independent on-line news network that serves as a reliable source of alternative news on current events.

Project Censored is a student-faculty run media research group out of Sonoma University that annually compiles a list of the top stories that have been censored from traditional news media.

Popular Education Organizations

Center for Popular Economics is a grassroots collective of economists who work to provide an alternative analysis of the economy, produce economic theories that challenge systems of oppression, and educate social justice activists about the root causes of economic injustice and inequality.