Drug Interactions:

Harm reduction in herion use: 

an informational sheet about drug interactions

Benzos-tranquilizers such as valium, ativan, xanax, stay in the system for a long time.  When combined with a shot the effects of heroin are intensified.  The user should keep this in mind and adjust their dose accordingly.

Alcohol intensifies the effects of a shot.  If you’re going to drink while using always drink after taking a shot so you don’t become confused and administer an overly strong shot.

Speedballs are a combination shot of uppers and downers; most commonly heroin and coke.  Speedballs confuse the body’s rhythm and can induce a heartattack the most common symptons of which are pains in the side, chest, and legs.  Users are suceptible to overdose from both substances and should be doubly cautious.

Heroin users should be prepared for the crash that follows the high from injected coke.  It is oftentimes severe and accomponied with strong feelings of depression and desperation.  Users may want to prepare so as not to have to worry about supply during this difficult time. 

Crack shot in a speedball should be cut with vitamin C.  Crack cut with vinager or other acid based substances are harmful for the body.  Vitamin C is available at most harm reduction centers.

Be cautious of all drugs with depressant effects around the time of use as they can unexpectedly intensify a shot.  These depressants range from over the counter drugs such as nyquiel to prescribed tranquilizers such as seroquel.

Stimulants such as caffeine can intensify the withdrawl symptons of heroin use.

Pot, entheogens, and hallucinagins have no real interaction with dope, however, a maintance dose would be recommendable because everyone’s chemistry is unique.