Popular Education Campaigns and Activist Initiatives

The Information Collective is devoted to providing communities with accessible information on the major policy issues that affect them. To fulfill this goal the Information Collective sponsors popular education initiatives that work to make academic information accessible to the greater community.

The Information Collective is also devoted to assisting activists in their efforts to address and correct issues of social and economic injustice. The Information Collective organizes areas of research to supply activist initiatives with information that will contribute to effective campaigns. Contact Us to request the development of a research topic to aid in your campaign.

War On Drugs

Map Series: The Origin and Evolution of the Drug Trade. A set of flyers that document U.S. government involvement with the drug trade from its origin to the present day.

“Heroin in the 21st Century”: This map documents the origin and evolution of the current heroin trade out of Afghanistan.

“Crack Cocaine and the CIA”: This map documents the cocaine trade that developed during the contra war and the emergence of crack on the U.S. market.

On Nov. 16 2005 the Information Collective hosted an educational workshop on the war on drugs. Presenters included Information Collective co-founder Abigail Adams speaking on CIA narcotrafficking, drug policy activist Adam Hurter speaking on drug policy reform, and Arise for Social Justice organizer Keely Malone speaking on a local initiative to stop construction of the Chicopee Jail.

Mental Health Screenings

The Information Collective is actively supporting the psychiatric survivor movement in their campaign against mental health screening programs. The Information Collective prepared the following booklet.

The Bush Administration’s Mental Health Screening Initiative

New Orleans

The Information Collective partnered with Common Ground to produce a brochure on basic demographic information to aid with media advocacy efforts.

New Orleans in Numbers: A Pre- and Post- Hurricane Katrina Snap Shot. HTML